Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dueling Reviews: The Vancouver Symphony plays Nielsen, Shostakovich

I went to a great concert yesterday by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, as did my NW Reverb colleague James Bash. For a while now James has had in mind the concept of 'dueling reviews,' i.e. he and I attend the same concert and write our own reviews of it, and yesterday we finally made that happen. I just published my review at NW Reverb; looks like I beat him to the punch (sorry James ;0) but I expect his review will be up soon. I'm not sure if he's reviewing it for the Columbian or for the 'Verb, but I think this will prove an interesting experiment and as always I look forward to reading what James had to say.

Long story short: if you love Shostakovich as much as I do, go hear this concert tonight!

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