Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chamber Music Northwest Reviews: Many concerts, short time frame

I recently finished a project for Oregon Music News that consisted of me writing reviews of six concerts over a period of about three weeks at this year's Chamber Music Northwest Summer Festival. This was a great opportunity to hear some fantastic, world-class musicians, hear some world premieres of new works by important composers, and participate in a festival that is one of the brightest stars in Portland's arts firmament.

Here are the links to the individual reviews; I look forward to hearing any comments you might have, either here or at the individual reviews at Oregon Music News.

June 25: Chamber Music Northwest features music for Piano and Strings; World Premiere by Stucky

June 26: Kreisler, Mozart, and tangos by Victor Steinhardt grace the June 26th CMNW presentation

July 2: Chamber Music Northwest mixes it up with Debussy, Strauss and Dvorak

July 3: Chamber Music Northwest: The Emerson Quartet presents an evening of Mozart (mostly…)

July 8: CMNW’s ‘Early 20th Century Masters’ highlights many masterful techniques

July 13: Chamber Music Northwest delivers Baroque favorites with popular Bach, Vivaldi concertos

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