Monday, October 5, 2009

New Article at Primer Magazine; other stuff coming soon!

Well the slow summer months which (for me) involve a slow-down in my blogging are over, and coinciding with that is the publication of the first piece that I've written for Primer Magazine in quite some time; thanks to my editor Andrew Snavely there for his patience. Although I won't lay claim to any of the mp3 samples embedded throughout the work (except for the Gould) it was a pretty good idea to include examples of the pieces about which I was writing. Classical music afficionados, feel free to rake me over the coals (or back me up as the case may be); nothing like a 'top ten' list for controversy.

I've got a lot of other stuff coming up at MO and NW Reverb; an interview with the librettist and the composer/arranger of Opera Theater Oregon's upcoming production of the Beggar's Opera; a review of leading American baritone Thomas Hampson's concert tomorrow night at the Newmark Theater for starters.

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