Monday, June 22, 2009

CD Review: bitter sober EP

I first heard bitter sober at the Portland Pride fest two weeks ago. I had gone into the party to take a break from the parade when I heard this all-girl band up on stage with a lead singer whose expressive, beautiful, warbling voice immediately captivated me and would not let go. I watched them play until they were done, even waiting through an interruption from a hideously loud marching band (I'm not sure but I think it was probably March 4th) making its exit from the parade under the Morrison Bridge. Her voice immediately called to mind Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, one of my very favorite new bands that I've heard in the last five years (I gush about them whenever I get the chance.) While her voice did remind me of Karen's soulful honesty, the music was not similar at all, so I bought the cd and look forward to reviewing it.

I'm not familiar with Sarah and Tegan, the group they seem to get compared to in some of the other articles I've read about them. Just as well I guess; I didn't become hypnotically addicted to this music almost instantly just because they reminded me of someone else; it was lead singer Sherry Soto's fucking phenomenal vocals that hooked me in and wouldn't let go. The CD is short and over far too soon, but I guess this isn't much of a CD review anyway. I love every song on it simply because Sherry Soto is singing it. Check out the MySpace page linked above if you've any interest in hearing her amazing pipes.

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