Sunday, June 1, 2008

The first ooze... own blog. I've been having a lot of fun posting on James Bash's blog Northwest Reverb. Classical music lovers or those remotely interested in classical music, please check it out: great coverage of the classical music scene specifically in and around Portland, OR, although we do roam further afield from time to time.

But I've come to determine that I need a more informal outlet for my musical musings (musical musings...musical usings...uzings...oozings.) I know; it's a terrible bastardization of a portmanteau word, since a true portmanteau of 'musical' and 'musings' would be simply 'musings,' that doesn't quite work. 'Musical Oozings...' it's self-deprecating, low-brow and vaguely disgusting. In short, the perfect title for me. I overuse elipsis and semi-colons, so get ready for that. I tend to blather, so I guess having a blog is the perfect outlet for me. I don't even expect all my postings to deal with music, although I think most of them will, since I'm a complete music nerd and obsess about it daily.

I've decided to leave my comments un-moderated; we'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll change it if too many annoying assholes hurt my feelings and make me want to go cry in the corner (that is, if any of them bother reading this anyway,) but for now, let the uncensored good times roll! Speaking of uncensored, I feel that way about writing here on my blog as well, so if I occasionally drop the f-bomb or go on a foul tirade, I can only plead, as did Tom Hulce's 'Wolfy' to the Austrian Emperor in Amadeus: "I'm a vulgar man. But, I assure you, my music is not." Well, the vast majority of it anyway...

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